Current Projects

Partial listing of our current projects:

We are constantly updating our projects. Please visit our website often for more details.

HFHM covers the following areas of services at this point: Community Economic Development - Micro-Lending / Investment - Health Care - Youth-2-Youth Empowerment - Education - Service Learning - Environment

HAITI behind the cameras

Soeurs Salesiennes : Contact information

Eglise Nazareen de Freres: Contact information Freda Germain @ 718-657-5392, New York

Cerca Carjaval - Dr. Foblas Joseph, Director - Contact - Haiti and Dominican Republic joseph.foblas@hfhm.org

AOG: Contact person: gastonjean@hotmail.com / gaston.jean@hfhm.org Haiti

HAFI (Haitian American Foundation International) - Contact person: phito.thelot@hfhm.org - FL

Citizen: Contact HFHM - Chapel Hill, NC

Cabarret: Martine Beauchamp-Etienne metienne@optonline.net - GA

United States: Programs to new Immigrant/Refugees families: ESL -Literacy Program - HIV Community-Based Educational Program - Emergency Fund* - Micro Loan - Integration - Etc.

* Emergency Fund is a membership contribution that was established to assist our community in America to face unexpected expenses (like death, bond, sickness, family emergency, etc.) To be considered the member needs to fill out a form, and pay a monthly fee of $30.00 for at least three months before he/she becomes eligible for assistance. The community is very excited about the benefit of this program in hardship. Please support this program.


AFRICA: Contact Person: Richard Mavungu or Gisele K. Mavungu, Raleigh, NC Email: gikima@hotmail.com - Phone: 919-870-9256

HFHM Opportunities: Please click here to learn more about our opportunities.


Where: In addition to US, Haiti, Africa, Dominican Republic we are also working with partners from different countires. Please visit our site often for current information.

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